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Radio Stations


Below are digital F.M. Radio stations that have played Half Deezy. Click the links in order to visit the radio station to hear what is play now. These stations are always playing new up and coming artists everyday!

DJ: Charles CJ James Location: Birmingham, AL r&b/urban, hip-hop/rap, pop

Vibe 106 rules the airwaves by playing today's hottest new music! Vibe plays a unique blend of Pop, Urban and sometimes even Rock music!


DJ: KJX-FM Location: St. Louis, MO pop, alternative, r&b/urban

KJX-FM plays all today's Urban, TOP 40, Rock and Country hits with a blend of hot new music!

DJ: DJ Domination Location: Los Angeles, CA r&b/urban, pop, rock

KDGR - Dominion Hits - Dominating airwaves with today's hottest new music! KDGR plays exclusive new music by your favorite artist! Dominion Hits is a multi-format station playing a unique blend of Urban, Top 40, Rock, Country and Gospel music!

DJ: 96fmthebeat Location: Las Vegas, NV top 40, r&b/urban, rock

96 FM The Beat top 40, r&b/urban, rock Similar 96 FM The Beat plays the best of today's Top 40, Urban and Rock music! The Beat also showcases the newest mainstream artists!

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